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Small deformation theory which based the analyzis as long this time, assumed the deformation is not exist so the structure still in it initial condition. The assumption can not be defined, because the deformation always becomes as the consequences of the external loads has working on it. The deformation as matter of fact influence the quantity of internal forces. It could initiate by mathematic model “ deformed structure “ as a calculation process to determine structures. This method known as“P – D method ”, although in beginning of the calculation still used the initial condition of structure. Based on displacement analyze result, for a simple structure, a lateral force 5 ton was given, it could make an inclination to the structures as 1,068 cm and effect P- D 0,013 cm. Totally the inclination is 1,081 cm as the sum of first inclination with P-D. If the load rise up to 10 ton, the inclination is 2,136 + 0,026 = 2,162 cm. For lateral load 15 ton, the inclination sequence to 3,204 + 0,039 = 3,243 cm. In this stage the effect of P-D is constant 0.039. This result showed the P-D influence up significantly the the quantity of displacement. For multy grade structure and or big lateral force, P-D has effect to structures clearly significantly.

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