Model Kurt Lewin dalam Mengeliminasi Resistensi Perubahan Organisasi

Muhammad Rifai Katili


Exploiting of information and communications technology (ICT) for attainment of purpose of organization, in this time have become an undoubtedly. In practice it, implementation ICT at one
particular potency organization generate resistance to change of arising out in process of orthogonal transformation towards technological cultured change. This article arise concept of development of
Faculty of Engineering Gorontalo State Univesity for the agenda of reaching technological cultured organization vision. In this case applied approach of model Kurt Lewin for identifying resistance
available for emergence in the effort attainment of faculty vision. Model Kurt Lewin apply approach of analogis block ice (ice cube) by 3 (three) step in the mode of action. Conceptually, model Kurt Lewin
can be made by alternative approach in reducing change resistance towards technological cultured faculty organization.


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