The Effect of Circuit Games to Physical Fitness On 5th Grade Students of Elementary School in Year 2015

Ibrahim Sembiring


The aim of this study was to determine the effect of circuit games to physical fitness on elementary school students in 2015.

The location of this study was conducted in Elementary School of 104268

Bingkat in Pegajahan Subdistrict, Serdang Bedagai District, Academic Year of

2015/2016, the time of this study was conducted on June 2015.

The sample in this study was the researcher set to take the entire

population into a sample of 22 students (Total Sampling). The method in this study was the experimental method. The instruments in this study were fast running 40 meters, hanging elbows, lying down (30 seconds sit-ups), jumping upright, long distance running (600 meters).

The results of data hypothesis test obtained that the physical fitness level

of the 5th grade students of elementary school increased from 11.36 during the pre-test to 14.18 at the time of the post-test. Through the circuit games, it affects physical fitness on 5th grade students of elementary school. The circuit games could provide an increase in the physical fitness of 5th grade students at Public Elementary School of 104268 Bingkat, Pegajahan District, Serdang Bedagai District, at 24.80%.


Games, Sircuit, Physical Fitness and Elementary Students

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