Mohamad Ilham Akbar, Rahman Takdir, Muchlis Polin


The country of Indonesia has beautiful underwater beauty. Indonesia is also a country that is part of the Coral Triangle, which is a sea area in the western part of the Pacific Ocean which has very high biodiversity. Thus, many foreign and local tourists come to Indonesia to enjoy the underwater beauty by doing diving sports such as freediving and scuba diving. Gorontalo province has a lot of natural wealth that should be used as a tourist destination, one of which is the famous Whale Sharks in Botubarani Beach. This makes many divers want to capture their moments with whale sharks. Apart from whale shark destinations, there are still several diving sites that can be used as underwater tourist destinations. Currently, there are 51 diving locations registered with the Gorontalo Province Tourism Office. However, there are several diving sites that cannot be published yet because the locations are still rarely known. This research is conducted as a means to inform tourists and divers who want to know about diving sites in Gorontalo Province. The research uses the prototype method and system design using UML design, which consists of use case diagram, activity” ‘diagram, sequence diagram, and class diagram. The final result of this research is to produce’ ‘ag geostaphiic. information system for freediving and scuba diving locations, which can assist; in,the -patlleion of information related to diving locations in the waters of Gorontalo Province.

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