Polemic and Existence Marriage Dispensation given Marriage Law

Suaib Abdullah


Study this aim for knowing analysis juridical Impact Marriage Dispensation Against The existence of Law no. 16 of 2019 regarding Marriage ( Study Analysis in the Legal Area of the Gorontalo Religious Court. the type which research _ used is research Law research empirial . Study law empirical or normal also called Research law sociological this dotted reject from primary data. Primary data is data obtaindirectlyect the from Publa ic as usourceirst with through study the field thbe analyzedanalyzed with use approach Later legislation _ described qqualityBased o ativeresults study that Impact marriage dispensation against existemarriageact ccoul dd total happening marriage under ag . In position, Marriage dispensation is one of the legal instruments presented in Constitution purposeful marriage _ forgivingeforgett for citizens who are urgent focarryingry out marriage However still blocked with provision limit set age _ in Constitution mariagmarriageevHoweve rremovingside marriage dispensation canBecomes a reasonable justification for children under age for dodoingonnection forbidden although by law still belong to in child age early orunderagee. The reasons that become base consideration in grant application marriage dispensation at the Gorontalo Religious Court , namely: for preventing happening association free to be result in happening pregnancy out of wedlock which thing this Becomes parents ' worries to his son who has dating and often together so that big opportunity fall into it child in do connection sex outside _ legal marriage . _ where is Adalah Case this is a judgenoto only based on the la , but the judge tries to for perform ijtihad in set something based on benefit mursalah  The judge must notice the impact that will cbe aused by something that has it is set .


Dapak Marriage ; Marriage Dispensary

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