Teori Titik Tetap untuk Tipe Kannan yang Diperumum dalam Ruang b-Metrik Modular Lengkap

Afifah Hayati, Noor Sofiyati, Dwiani Listya Kartika


Some generalizations of Banach's contraction principle, which is a fixed-point theorem for contraction mapping in metric spaces, have developed rapidly in recent years. Some of the things that support the development of generalization are the emergence of mappings that are more general than contraction mappings and the emergence of spaces that are more general than metric spaces. The generalized Kannan type mappings are one of the mappings that are more general than contraction mappings. Furthermore, some of the more general spaces than metric spaces are b-metric spaces and modular b-metric spaces, which bring the concept of b-metric spaces into modular spaces. The fixed-point theorems for generalized Kannan-type mappings on b-metric spaces have been given. Therefore, this research aims to define generalized Kannan-type mappings on modular b-metric spaces and provide fixed point theorems for the generalized Kannan-type mappings on complete modular b-metric spaces. The definition of generalized Kannan type mapping in modular b-metric spaces is given by generalizing generalized Kannan type mappings in b-metric spaces. Then, the proof of fixed-point theorems for that mapping in modular b-metric spaces is carried out analogously to the proof of the fixed-point theorems for that mapping given in b-metric space. In this article, we obtain the definition of Kannan-type mappings and fixed-point theorems for generalized Kannan-type mappings in modular b-metric spaces and some consequences of the fixed-point theorem. In proving the theorem, a property of altering distance functions in b-metric spaces is generalized into modular b-metric spaces.


Modular b-Metric Space; Altering Distance Function; Kanan-type Mapping

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.34312/jjom.v5i2.20571

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