The Influence of Additive Allee Effect and Periodic Harvesting to the Dynamics of Leslie-Gower Predator-Prey Model

Hasan S. Panigoro, Emli Rahmi, Novianita Achmad, Sri Lestari Mahmud


In this paper, the influence of additive Allee effect in prey and periodic harvesting in predator to the dynamics of the Leslie-Gower predator-prey model is proposed. We first simplify the model to the non-dimensional system by scaling the variable and transform the model into an autonomous system. If the effect Allee is weak, we have at most two equilibrium points, else if the Allee effect is strong, at most four equilibrium points may exist. Furthermore, the behavior of the system around equilibrium points is investigated. In the end, we give numerical simulations to support theoretical results.


Leslie-Gower; Allee Effect; Periodic Harvesting; Non-autonomous

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