Penerapan Sistem Informasi Desa menggunakan OpenSID Pada Desa Permata

Rampi Yusuf, Lillyan Hadjaratie, Moh. Ramdhan Arif Kaluku, Agus Lahinta, Andi Muhamad Nurholis Soreang, Abid Muhaimin Harun, Fajriyanto Djeden


Permata Village, Bone District, is a village where the majority of its population works as cloves farmers, a small part as traders/entrepreneurs, private employees and civil servants. This village is very far from the city center, which is 60km away, making access to information delayed. With inadequate administrative service and administration management still requiring a long time, even though some village officials have basic IT (Information Technology) abilities, the administration process is still done manually. To improve the quality of information service in the village, a computer-based information system is needed that can provide more accurate data. Based on observation results and interviews during the administration management process of the village, the entire data management and administrative needs of the community have not changed until now. The implementation method used during the implementation of the Village Information System consists of several stages of data observation, making a list of system and user needs, system implementation, OpenSID user training, and evaluation and monitoring. The result of the Implementation of the Village Information System using OpenSID as an information and data management media for the population of Permata Village, Bone District, Bone Bolango Regency is the availability of a village information system for the management and administration of services for the village community. All the implementation methods from the observation stage to the training of OpenSID users in Permata Village run well, this activity encourages the village to issue a policy for the implementation of the village information system as one of the programs and is funded.

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