Surjektifitas Pemetaan Eksponensial untuk Grup Lie Heisenberg yang Diperumum

Edi Kurniadi, Putri Giza Maharani, Alit Kartiwa


The Heisenberg Lie Group is the most frequently used model for studying the representation theory of Lie groups. This Lie group is modular-noncompact and its Lie algebra is nilpotent. The elements of Heisenberg Lie group and algebra  can be expressed in the form of matrices of size 3×3. Another specialty is also inherited by its three-dimensional Lie algebra and is called the Lie Heisenberg algebra. The Heisenberg Lie Group whose Lie Algebra is extended to the dimension 2n+1 is called the generalized Heisenberg Lie group and it is denoted by H whose Lie algebra is h_n. In this study, the surjectiveness of exponential mapping for H was studied with respect to h_n=⟨x ̅,y ̅,z ̅⟩  whose Lie bracket is given by  [X_i,Y_i ]=Z.  The purpose of this research is to prove the characterization of the Lie subgroup with respect to h_n. In this study, the results were obtained that if ⟨x ̅,y ̅ ⟩=:V⊆h_n a subspace and a set  {e^(x_i ) e^(x_j )  ┤| x_i,x_j∈V }=:L⊆H then L=H and consequently Lie(L)≠V.


Heisenberg Lie Group; Heisenberg Lie Algebra; Exponential Map; Surjectiveness

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