Public Health and Surveillance Review

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:Public Health and Surveilance Review
: Biannual (February and August)
: English (preferable), Indonesia
: xxxx-xxxx (Online)
: Lia Amalia, SKM., M.Kes
: Pusat Studi Ilmu-ilmu Kesehatan, FOK UNG
: Indonesia
Public Health and Surveilance Review is a health scientific journal which published original articles of Public Health. This journal is a biannual journal, open access, and peer-reviewed journal. Articles Published Twice a year in February and August. Author can submit articles on any issue relating to public health with editor consideration. the Aims of this journal is to provide a venue for academicians, researvhers and practitioners for publishing the original research articles or review articles. the scope of the articles published in this journal deal with a broad range of topics, including : Epidemiology, Health Education and Promotion, Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Safety, Health Administration and Policy, Biostatistics, Reproductive Health, Hospital Management, Nutrition Science, Health Information System, Health Education and Communication, Health Community, International Health, and Disaster Management.

The journal will only publish papers that use high quality novel or published data in their analysis. Successful manuscripts usually have advanced epidemiological analysis. Methodological manuscripts are only acceptable if they present a clear and relevant biological application for which novel insight is gained.


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