Jambura Journal of Sports Coaching

Jambura Journal of Sports Coaching (JJSC) is an international peer-refereed research journal published by sports coaching education program, in eighteen specialized series: Biomechanics, History and Philosophy in Sport,  Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education and Sport, Motor Control and Learning, Motor Development, Olympic and Paralympic Games, Pedagogy, Physical Education (Elementary, Secondary, & Adaptive), Psychology, Physiology, Recreation and Leisure Studies, Sport for all, Sport Therapy and Rehabilitation, Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, Sport Finance and Marketing, Sport Law and Governance, Sport Management, Sport Medicine. JJSC publishes original scientific works of researchers in all of the above fields in any of the following languages: English and Indonesian.

Jambura Journal of Sports Coaching (JJSC) is a journal published by sports coaching education program, Gorontalo State University two times a year in January and July

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