Journal History

  • Jurnal Euler is a scientific journal published by the Department of Mathematics, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo. First published (Volume 1 Issue 1) in January 2013, under the coordination of the first Editor in Chief Drs. Franky Alfrits Oroh, M.Si. In its journey this journal has been consistent, publishing 2 times in 1 year every January and July in the printed version with P-ISSN 2087-9393.
  • Since the 2019 edition, the publication period has shifted to June and December each year and started to be published in an electronic format using the Open Journal System (OJS 2) at, with E-ISSN 2776-3706. We are aware that there are many shortcomings in terms of substance in the printed version, but improvements have been made gradually since it was published online.
  • Starting from Volume 11 Issue 2 December 2023, an adjustment has been made to the DOI Prefix from 10.34312 to 10.37905.
  • Commencing with Volume 12 Issue 1, we are implementing a revised template for the final formatting of papers. This modification has been undertaken to elevate the overall quality of our journal in terms of design, appearance, and readability.