Jambura Journal of Linguistics and Literature

Jambura Journal of Linguistics and Literature is a scientific journal published by the Indonesian Language and Literature Department, Faculty of Letters and Culture, Gorontalo State University. This journal contains manuscripts of the results of analysis, study, research, application of theory, and literature review, in the fields of Linguistics, Literature, and Language and Literature Education. This journal aims to provide a venue for academicians, researchers, and practitioners for publishing the original research articles or reviewed articles. The scope of the articles published in this jurnal deals with a broad range of topics, including:
  • Linguistics; phonology, morphology, syntax, discourse analysis, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and critical discourse analysis.
  • Literature: local literature studies, Indonesian literature, foreign literature studies, children literature, literature studies for character education, and other literary studies.
  • Language and Literature Education: curriculum development, learning methods, learning materials, learning media, assessment, Indonesian language learning across curricula, information and communications technology in Indonesian language learning, language skills, and other Indonesian language learning analyses.

  • Jambura Journal of Linguistics and Literature is a peer-reviewed journal published by department of Indonesian Language and Literature Education, Faculty of Literature and Culture, Gorontalo State University twice a year in January and July.


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    Vol 2, No 2 (2021): Desember 2021

    Table of Contents


    Insum Insum Malawat
    Gin gin Ginanjar
    Rahmania Kuku
    Zulfatriani Isra, Dakia N. Djou, Fatmah AR. Umar
    Sri Ayun Karmain
    Isti Asrifah, Supriyadi Supriyadi, Salam Salam
    juni triantoko, Fatmah A R Umar, Herson Kadir
    Aminudin Ramly, Dakia N Djou, Asna Ntelu
    Luvita Ali, Sayama Malabar, Jafar Lantowa
    Chairunnisa Gandura
    megawati u karim, Ellyana Hinta, Herman Didipu