Jambura Journal of Engineering Education

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Jambura Journal of Engineering Education 
2 issues per year (June and December)

JJEE: Jambura Journal Engineering of Education is a scientific publication that strives to facilitate academic reports and scholarly writings of various studies in Engineering Education and Vocational. JJEE is open to students, researchers, and practitioners interested in contributing their ideas to the latest Innovation and development of Engineering Education and Vocational.
JJEE covers all topics related to Engineering Education and Vocational. The articles submitted should be attended to the particular topic areas are as follows:

  • Teaching and Learning in Engineering Education and Vocational: learning theories and strategies; curriculum development; learning media development; teaching methods; character education in Engineering Education and Vocational; e-learning development Engineering Education and Vocational;
  • Evaluation and Assessment Vocational and Engineering Education: qualifications frameworks; competence-based education and training; recognition of prior learning; authentic assessment in Engineering Education and Vocational; industry standards-based competency assessmen;
  • Human Resources Management in Engineering Education: vocational career development; teachers' professional development; teachers’ leadership recruitment; Engineering Education and Vocational teacher’s certification;
  • Resources of Engineering Education and Vocational: Laboratory facilities; workshop facilities.
  • Policy and Contemporary Issues in Engineering Education and Vocational: Policy in Engineering Education and Vocational; social issues in Engineering education Vocational and social impact of Engineering Education and Vocational provision; Engineering education and Vocational for sustainable development.

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