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Inventory control is a problem frequently faced by the industrial world, particularly manufacture industries. Inventory must be controlled as it is related to high and complex production costs. On the one hand, lack of inventory may hinder production activities; on the other hand, over inventory may increase high warehousing costs, therefore each company (industry) must determine the optimal number of orders to minimize the costs arising from uncontrolled inventory. In this study, inventory model used is Dynamic Probabilistic Inventory Model is the most complicated model to be solved because its nature is uncertain and changing. The condition of probabilistic inventory is a complex system and uses mathematical model with many variables, so that it is very difficult to solve manually and it takes a long time to process data. Therefore, a simulation program has been designed in order to facilitate calculation processes, analyze inventory system, and learn the characteristics of the complex system and the performance of inventory system. The simulation result shows that the product demand follows the Normal Distribution with average parameter (μ = 3) and variance (σ
2 = 1). The number of economic orders (Q*) are as many as 59 units, reorder points 12 units, and optimal safety stock 4 units.

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